If you invest in precious metals is a great plan

posted on 21 Oct 2013 06:26 by gold75enoch

Purchashing gold in 2013 could possibly be one of the smartest decision you do make today. The global depression and GFC has caused loads of firms and livelihoods to implode. Todays currency markets have been completely over the place, and the volatility of the currency markets is creating havoc all round the world.

Long term investing strategies in gold, silver, platinum and palladium are a smart method to plan for retirement. Take a look at currency values now.

Right now check out how gold performed in the last few decades. Since the gold standard was taken down in the seventies, precious metals has been a proven performer an in fact has been a better investment than all other investment sectors including the stock-market, property, and the currency markets. The live gold price is consistently beat most of the staple investor strategies.

Purchasing gold is a great strategy for your future investment and retirement, however there are a few things you need to know the current gold price and why you will actually loose your investment even though the gold value thrives.

When purchasing precious metals from gold brokers, there may be extra fees and charges that will explode the rate of purchasing gold. The live gold rate at that moment is not a good prediction of the overall charges.

After all, you are not David Einhorn who does have limitless methods to make a decision and then purchase hundreds of thousands of $$$ worth of gold.

Let us view an example. You've done all your research and decide you would desire to purchase a carrat of gold at the actual value - let's say right now it's at $1750.

It all looked great then you call one of the top gold brokers such as the US mint because they have a good reputation and have the track record. As you place your order for your own grams of gold though, rapidly you realise you wont have enough money. Gold is normally valued as gold price per ounce. This happens due to the unknown fees. They do afterall have big company to run.

There are other ways to purchase gold in smaller quantities and you don't have to pay much larger charges. Organisations such as Suisse PAMP make it easier to trade gold in much smaller amounts ensuring you do not need to buy gold in bulk.

Along with these charges, the price of the American eagle bullion, and gold pennies can be devalued due to damage in while transporting and in storage. It's usually a sound premise to do research on your desired precious metal buyer prior to going into any agreement, and research others experiences with that particular precious metals buyer. More information here: live gold price